Case Study

Project Overview 


Seth VanDaele is a driven and passionate entrepreneur in the field of digital marketing. With a strong work ethic and a desire to make a positive impact, Seth has emerged as a leader in his industry. In addition to his accomplishments with Cormier Media, Seth has recently expanded his expertise in digital marketing by founding another marketing agency called “Jummp Marketing.” Through continuous learning, participation in courses and workshops, and collaboration with companies and individuals in the real estate sector, Seth aims to provide increased exposure to listings and offer innovative marketing solutions. Originating from the little Manitoban town of Boissevain, Seth has become a well-known figure in his field.

The Problem


Starting his marketing venture, Seth sought to build credibility within the industry. His objective was to be acknowledged as a dependable and trustworthy authority in the field, ensuring that others perceived him as a reliable source.

The Strategy


We created a comprehensive content calendar defining all visuals and content scheduled for publication across the social media platforms. This provided a clear roadmap for navigating through the growth and process. From monthly content creation to content marketing and analytics, we effectively oversaw every aspect. We secured media placements as well by building connections with journalists which helped in establishing his strong online presence.

The Result


We assisted Seth in establishing a genuine and organic online presence. Through our support, he has experienced over a tenfold increase in followers and has garnered unparalleled credibility in his industry. This has significantly contributed to his ability to generate substantial business opportunities and foster collaborations. In addition, we assisted him in securing features in over 20 press outlets, including Yahoo, NY Weekly, Influencive, and Disrupt Magazine. Our efforts also led to the establishment of a Google Knowledge Panel, further enhancing his online presence. Through strategic initiatives, we achieved substantial follower growth and successfully elevated the branding on Instagram.