Project Overview 


Healthworks DX is a company focused on advanced medical diagnostics and testing. Among its innovative offerings are a rapid Alzheimer’s disease blood test and a COVID-19 test providing results within an hour. These state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, developed by HealthWorks DX, have the potential to transform the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions, bringing significant benefits to patients. The company has recently announced collaborations with the University of Ottawa and the University of Nevada, Reno. By leveraging these partnerships, HealthWorks DX aims to enhance its research and development initiatives, contributing to the advancement of cutting-edge technologies in the healthcare sector.

The Problem


Healthworks encountered a significant challenge related to establishing credibility. The medical industry is highly competitive, and breaking through noise to gain recognition can be an uphill battle. Healthworks faced the problem to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. With countless professionals available, building a distinctive services that would resonate with the target audience was a critical hurdle.

The Strategy


Healthworks faced challenges in establishing credibility within the medical industry. These challenges were multi-faceted and demanded a comprehensive strategy to gain the trust of patients.

The Result


With the help of Level Up PR, we  amplified Healthworks’s services and helped to build a massive authority and credibility in the medical field. The achievements have been featured in notable publication like