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We Actually Get Our Clients Top-Tier Media Coverage


Are you wondering how your competition is getting featured in top tier media publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Times of India, and more?

There is no question that media coverage boosts your brands reputation and trust. It helps you convert more leads, charge higher prices, and cement your company as the industry leader. Use a PR firm that is trusted by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

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You feel unrecognized as an authority in your industry.

You're attracting unqualified or poor leads due to a lack of authority.

Your media visibility is lacking.

You struggle to close deals because of a lack of trust.

You lack media connections to feature your story.

You're unsure how to craft a compelling narrative.

You're concerned about losing market share to competitors.

You Should NOT Book A PR Consultation If..

You're comfortable with your brand fading into the background and avoiding the spotlight.

You feel that your reputation has reached its peak and can't be improved or expanded any further.

You're entirely content with the recognition you've attained.

​You prioritize short-term, quick-fix solutions over comprehensive, long-term PR strategies.

You perceive media coverage and strategic visibility as tacky and passé.

You're unwilling to create a flexible, adaptable brand, even if it could facilitate further business growth.

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How can you provide this for only ₹197?

It’s true, the price is insanely low. We make money on the backend by doing incredible PR work for you and then turning you into a full fledged PR client. We also use a proprietary AI writing tool to write your article.

Who will write my article? What if I don’t like it?

Your article will be generated by our AI writing tool. It will use your intake form responses to write an awesome PR article that most people love. You will get the chance to review the article before it is published, and make any changes that you want. You can also re-write entirely.
Want to work with one of our staff writers? Be sure to order the VIP Writing Upgrade!

Where will my article be published?

Based on your answers in the intake form, we will choose the best fit publication for your article to perform the best. You are unable to choose the publication that you want.
The selection will be chosen from the list of publications shown above.

How can I get started?

Just order using the link above, fill out the questionnaire and wait for us to get back to you!

I’m not sure if you can write about my company

If you are an industry expert or business owner, then we can write and publish your article. The only topics we cannot write about are drugs, gambling, sex, and crypto. If your business is in one of those categories, we can still publish your article but we will control where it is published.

Will the article be sponsored or have promotional tags?

Nope! Your article will be published by staff or by a contributor at the publication. There will be no sponsored or promotional tags anywhere to be found.