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Project Overview 


Samuel Leeds is a prominent figure in the realm of property investment within the UK, renowned for his inspirational approach. His expertise has led to high demand for his speaking engagements, both domestically and internationally. Samuel Leeds is the founder of Property Investors.  He has one of the largest UK property schools and has done over 300 property deals, including a 20-bedroom castle with over 1,000 years of history.


He’s authored two best-selling books, sharing insights and strategies in the field. Beyond that, his establishment of Europe’s largest Christian business network stands as a testament to his influence and leadership. Leeds has also contributed significantly to the education and mentorship of numerous individuals, imparting valuable knowledge and guidance in the spheres of business and investment.

The Problem


Samuel Leeds had a significant obstacle in 2021 when he was portrayed negatively in the media due to false allegations. His public image and reputation were put in jeopardy by this negative press. The primary objective was to counteract the negative narrative by strategically positioning him as a thought leader within his industry. 


The Strategy


In an attempt to change public perception and establish him as a reputable authority in his industry, efforts by our team were undertaken to emphasize his knowledge, significant social contributions, and distinctive viewpoints in the fields of business and real estate investing.


Strategic communications tackled and calmed the worries raised by the unfavorable news while highlighting his achievements, knowledge, and beneficial influence. The aim was to redirect attention to his leadership, knowledge, and value addition. The main objective was to deflect attention from the bad news and strengthen Leeds’ status as a reputable and knowledgeable person in the real estate investing industry.

The Result


Paterning with Level Up PR, played a crucial role in orchestrating Samuel Leeds’ transformative journey. We strategically curated a comprehensive plan to reshape Leeds’ public perception by securing coverage in top-tier media outlets like Forbes, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, The Mirror, Express, Business Matter Magazine, and Daily Post, we skillfully redirected the narrative away from negativity.


We concentrated on building a strong social media presence in addition to using traditional media. We were able to get him verifications on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, which helped Leeds to become trusted and respected in his field.


Under our strategic direction, Leeds’ reputation shifted from being damaged to highly respected, enabling him to create a significant difference. Projects such as establishing schools and gyms in Zimbabwe highlight the substantial change, illustrating the extent of his influence and the trust he has gained.