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Project Overview


Hana Cha is a trailblazing real estate executive renowned for spearheading over $4 billion in transformative development projects across America. Her status as an industry-leading strategist has been cemented by her unwavering competence and dogged determination.


She also has a remarkable talent for developing creative marketing strategies and negotiating challenging operational environments. Her comprehensive comprehension of project complexities and varied funding options have garnered her consistent confidence as a crucial collaborator for renowned developers and investors in transforming over thirty urban and resort properties.


The Problem


Hana Cha’s brand faced hurdles in establishing credibility and market positioning due to competition, brand perception, and an undefined market positioning strategy. These problems were huge and were making it really tough for the brand to get a good spot in the industry.


The Strategy


We created a strategy plan for Hana Cha to improve her market placement and brand credibility.

The strategy plan created by us was to improve Hana Cha’s brand credibility through the alignment of her brand messaging, improvement of her market positioning, and creation of a trustworthy and powerful presence in her industry through her placement in different media and podcasts.

The Result


As a result of our efforts, Hana Cha’s brand gradually started building its foundation through smaller media outlets before securing a top-tier feature in Forbes. After getting featured in Forbes, brand growth was seen and she was positioned as an influential figure within her industry. 


Hana also got placed in two podcasts -It’s No Fluke by Shorty Awards and Crush It in Real Estate Lindsay.