Sahil Sachdeva

Hi, I’m Sahil Sachdeva

I’m the CEO of Level Up PR, known as the PR KING for the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs. My expertise includes securing prime press coverage, dominating podcast interviews, and making impactful TV appearances.

A Little About Myself

I began as a mechanical engineering student but my passion soon led me to the arts when I landed a role as an actor in a short film and later in Punjabi music videos. As an engineering student, I participated in a NASA-sponsored competition when I developed a miniaturized satellite that earned me a trip to the US. This opened new avenues for me to explore my passions. In 2019, I rekindled my love for singing, won multiple awards, and appeared on the TV show ‘Subcontinent Icon.’

In 2020, I founded the ‘Musicians Agency’ to revolutionize musician marketing and PR. The following year, I introduced ‘Level Up Clout,’ empowering personal branding, and also launched ‘Level Up Magazine.’ Building on this success, in 2022, I established ‘Level Up PR,’ marking a pivotal moment with the inauguration of our new Mohali office.

Since then, I haven’t looked back. In 2023, I collaborated with influential figures such as Robert Kiyosaki, Sunil Tulsiani, and Aman Gupta. By 2024, my expertise was showcased on numerous podcasts, and I expanded my public speaking repertoire with impactful presentations for Fortune 500 giants like Emersons!

Favorite Client Types

I love collaborating with influential entrepreneurs who are making significant impacts in their industries. I specialize in crafting powerful personal brands that not only draw in new customers but also foster trust, credibility, and drive substantial revenue growth.


In addition to my passion for securing top media placements for clients, I find joy in singing, dancing to Bachata rhythms, and embarking on adventures through travel.