Ushasi Dutta

Hi, I’m Ushasi

I work as a Content Writer at Level Up PR. I’m passionate about telling inspiring stories of brands and businesses that are making a difference in the world.

A Little About Myself

I started my journey as a writer during my time as a student in the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research. I wrote articles for magazines and blogs explaining complex topics and inventions of science and technology. I started taking special interest in the latest events and innovations happening around.

I stumbled into the world of PR as a complete happenstance in 2021 when I had the chance to interview and share the story of one of Level Up’s clients, a serial entrepreneur with remarkable products.


Having worked in the field of content for almost a decade, I bring a wealth of experience in creating impactful content.

  • I am highly proficient in conducting thorough market research and creating marketing strategies for our clients from a variety of industries. 
  • I am an expert at analyzing business developments, monitoring market trends, and ensuring the consistency and quality of marketing content.
  • My specialty is creating unique content that tells the inspiring stories of our clients’ achievements and helps them stand out from the crowd.