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Project Overview 


Andy Daro is a seasoned real estate agent with over a decade of experience in luxury sales, initially mentored by industry leaders in NYC before establishing the successful “Daro Team” in Miami. He contested elections in North Bay Village, Miami as a commissioner and won after partnering with Level Up PR.

The Problem


Andy Daro wanted to establish himself as Miami’s leading real estate expert. By building this reputation, he hoped to become the Miami citizens’ go-to person for knowledgeable counsel and recommendations on real estate issues.

As Andy prepared to run for commissioner, he had to make sure he maintained his position in North Bay Village, Miami. His main objective was to create confidence and trust in the locals, which were essential preconditions for winning their support.

The Strategy


To gain the voters’ support during the elections we arranged Media Engagements, Feature Stories, and articles showcasing Andy’s journey and his real estate expertise.

Our team got to work creating pitches that reflected current events and news that would have an impact on real estate as well as elections.

The Result


As a result of Level Up PR’s initiatives, Andy’s credibility and outreach increased and he was selected as the commissioner of Miami. Leveraging reputable press outlets like Entrepreneur, Flaunt Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and the International Business Times immensely strengthened Andy’s authority and credibility.


These platforms offered him a wide-reaching stage to showcase his real estate expertise and successful dealings with high-profile celebrity clients like Jordan Peterson, securing his image as an industry expert.


The coverage in such esteemed publications not only highlighted his professional accomplishments but also positioned Andy as a go-to figure for high-value deals and expert advice. Being recognised in these renowned publications undoubtedly elevated his reputation and influence.