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Project Overview 


Gautam Sharma also known as Baba is one half of the musical duo known as “Doorbeen”. Baba gained significant attention for their popular song Lamborghini, which was released in 2018 with 500M+ views. He is associated with the Indian music industry, particularly in the Punjabi music industry. Baba has also performed shows globally. His innovative and catchy tunes have resonated with a diverse audience, contributing to the global appeal of Punjabi music.

The Problem


Baba was facing challenges in establishing credibility and sought to build his personal brand in the music industry. He wanted greater exposure in order to establish himself as a popular name. Despite receiving appreciation for his work, Baba struggled with a lack of recognition, and he desired to change that.

The Strategy


After looking over Baba’s (the Doorbeen) profile, we saw that there was room to improve his credibility in the sector. By strategically featuring him in esteemed publications, our proactive 360-degree PR and personal branding approach played a pivotal role in growing his online presence. Identifying his unique persona and tone of voice, we guided him seamlessly through his entire journey. Our efforts aimed at positioning him as a global artist.

The Result


Through his partnership with Level Up PR, he was able to crack through the roof with many press coverages, in addition to landing a highly sought-after article in Disrupt magazine. He gained an unbelievable reputation in the music industry. Baba’s status as a global artist was cemented with the help of Level Up PR. Our extensive network to pitch him for inclusion in some of the world’s leading press publications resulted in a great help.