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Project Overview 


Growth Channel is a comprehensive platform designed to assist marketers in strategizing, initiating, and enhancing digital campaigns across an extensive range of over 150 channels. These channels encompass Display, Digital Out of Home, Mobile, Connected TV, Audio, Video, and various streaming services—all conveniently managed through a unified dashboard.

The Problem


Growth Channel faced challenges in establishing credibility within the competitive digital marketing landscape. These challenges were multi-faceted and demanded a comprehensive strategy to overcome skepticism and gain the trust of marketers and businesses.

The Strategy


In order to overcome the challenges, Growth Channel needed to clearly differentiate itself by highlighting its unique features, advantages, and, most importantly, its ability to deliver tangible and measurable results. Our team of digital marketing and PR experts effectively handled and optimized their online presence. Through our efforts, we played a key role in establishing the Growth Channel as an authority in this domain.

The Result


After collaborating with Level Up PR, Growth Channel got featured in USA Today which helped in successfully navigating these challenges, gradually earning its status as a credible and reliable platform in the competitive digital marketing landscape.