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Project Overview 


Phil, a seasoned startup founder established Kamp in 2018. His vision was to create unparalleled startup events characterized by a perfect blend of opportunity, networking, and a whole lot of fun for every participant. Kamp fosters an environment where budding entrepreneurs can thrive and connect with like-minded individuals on their journey to success.

The Problem


Kamp encountered challenges in effectively disseminating awareness about their events. Despite their networking and arrangements, the task of creating widespread awareness posed difficulties. Overcoming hurdles in reaching the target audience, and establishing a strong brand presence became a focal point.  They sought assistance addressing this hurdle.

The Strategy


Our objective revolved around the strategy to establish and execute a comprehensive media coverage plan. The strategy aimed at maximizing their visibility by securing placements in highly influential publications.

The Result


Our efforts yielded significant results, as we successfully facilitated them in prominent publications such as Disrupt Magazine and Tech Bullion. These features not only provided valuable exposure and spread awareness about Kamp events but also positioned them as a credible and authoritative figure within their field.