success In Numbers

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Project Overview 


Markuss Hussle, a UK-based serial entrepreneur guides people on how to start & automate a wildly profitable OFM agency as a complete beginner. He is the creator of Oura Consulting, and stands as the visionary behind the premier OnlyFans management agency with unparalleled expertise. He guides individuals on the art of establishing and expanding a remarkably lucrative OnlyFans agency, achieving remarkable success by scaling to a monthly revenue surpassing $100,000.

The Problem


Establishing credibility and trust is essential in marketing and Markuss encountered challenges in building trust. To attract potential clients it becomes important to have a strong online presence in the market, backed by credibility and a foundation of trust so that people can trust him and start taking his services.

The Strategy


Elevating the game, Level Up PR oversaw the management of all content, updated by the latest industry developments. Our team of digital marketing and PR experts effectively handled his online presence. Through our efforts, we played a key role in establishing Markuss as an authority in the coaching domain.

The Result


We supported Markuss in developing an authentic and organically growing online identity. He has built unmatched credibility in his industry, leading to substantial business expansion and meaningful collaborations. His accomplishments have been highlighted in prominent publications such as Yahoo Finance, Influencive, Mid Day, and many others.