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Project Overview 


Nathalie Miranda is carving her path in the musical industry with a distinctive voice and energy. Fearlessly experimenting with various styles, she refuses to be confined by genre or industry standards. Nathalie’s unique vocals have captured international producer attention, and she seamlessly ventures into Dance music. Nathalie is reshaping the narrative of a musical trailblazer in today’s dynamic industry.

The Problem


Nathalie encountered difficulties navigating social media as she wasn’t particularly savvy in that realm. Her lack of proficiency in social media skills led to a setback in building a credible brand. When reaching out to people and cafes, she faced rejection and struggled to secure gigs.

The Strategy


Level Up PR used a mix of conventional and non-conventional media techniques, as well as calculated outreach plans, to effectively increase her art’s visibility to the public. Our team of creators utilized her social media platforms to expand her viewership within her target audience, strategically positioning her work. Furthermore, we focused on elevating the visibility of her brand by carefully selecting online publications that could contribute to increased traction and engagement.

The Result


After collaborating with Level Up PR, Nathalie got featured in 20+ media placements such as Wonderland Magazine, Hype Magazine, This is 50, and The Source. Engaging social advertisements resulted in enhancing her profile and fostering organic growth. Through our successful engagement strategies and public relations efforts, we swiftly expanded her fanbase from 10k to 22k. Consequently, her artwork began to receive significant traction and engagement, fulfilling the ideal goals.