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Project Overview 


Preston Eckhard is the Founder & CEO of Citadel Esports and Eckhardt Capital which has reshaped the gaming sector. With Ares’s Investing background, he redefined interactive gaming with an all-inclusive experience and innovative Esports Academy. Citadel aims for rapid US expansion and international partnerships, under Preston’s strategic leadership. Rising from a challenging childhood, Preston achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant in the US Army, serving in critical missions in Afghanistan and Korea. 

The Problem


Preston faced challenges related to establishing credibility. In the context of personal reputation, professional endeavors, or business ventures, he encountered difficulties in building and maintaining a trustworthy and reliable image. The struggle persisted because, despite his accomplishments, he wasn’t perceived as a credible source. He was looking for strategies and action plans to increase it.

The Strategy


This is the exact transformation that Level Up PR orchestrated for Preston. We formulated various strategies to enhance his online presence, effectively tackling the challenges he encountered. The team of experts at Level Up PR instilled confidence in him and offered guidance throughout the entire process.

The Result


Our efforts yielded significant results, as we successfully facilitated the client’s feature in prominent publications such as NY Weekly, Disrupt Magazine, and Tech Bullion. These features not only provided valuable exposure but also positioned the client as a credible and authoritative figure within their field.