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Project Overview 


Royan Nidea serves as the Founder and CEO of Setters Philippines where he is committed to assisting various coaches, consultants, and B2B service providers in broadening their reach, strengthening their brands, and expanding their enterprises through strategic implementation on LinkedIn. Recognizing the platform’s latent potential during pandemics, Royan has pioneered effective strategies that propel businesses from a starting point of $0 to achieving monthly revenues of $20,000. His company, equipped with comprehensive step-by-step frameworks, has become synonymous with expertise in leveraging LinkedIn, leading clients to attain six-figure revenues.

The Problem


Royan faced a significant challenge in building credibility, encountering hurdles in establishing trust and reliability across various aspects of his professional journey. So that people could see him as a reliable source and this would help him to grow his business.

The Strategy


In response to Royan’s specific needs, our collaborative efforts were geared towards identifying the root causes of the credibility issues and formulating a tailored strategy for improvement. Through a comprehensive approach, we addressed key aspects such as communication, professionalism, and visibility.

The Result


As a result of Level Up PR’s initiatives, Royan’s credibility and outreach increased. Royan now stands on a more solid foundation, with an improved reputation that instills confidence and trust among his broader professional network. He was featured in NY Weekly, Vents Magazine, Tech Bullion, and many more. The coverage in such esteemed publications not only highlighted his professional accomplishments but also positioned Royan as a go-to figure for high-value deals. Being recognized in these renowned publications undoubtedly elevated his reputation and influence.