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Project Overview 


Simplified AI is making artificial intelligence (AI) simpler and easier to use. It’s about making AI systems less complicated so that more people can understand and use them. The goal is to give everyone, regardless of their technical skills, the ability to use the benefits of AI.

The Problem


Simplified recently revealed its acquisition of Postfity, a B2B software company from Poland. However, they encountered difficulties in making people aware that this move is introducing Postfity’s effective content planning, scheduling, and analytics tools to Simplified’s marketing platform. This platform already allows users to create content videos, and collaborate across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. They sought assistance addressing this hurdle.

The Strategy


Our objective revolved around the strategy to establish and execute a comprehensive media coverage plan for Simplified. The strategy aimed at maximizing the visibility of simplified by securing placements in highly influential publications.

The Result

A strategic collaboration with Level Up PR, our efforts were geared towards securing widespread media coverage for them. This involved a meticulous approach, ensuring that their achievements and unique attributes were showcased in highly regarded publications. We successfully secured coverage in prestigious outlets such as the International Business Times and various other esteemed publications.