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Project Overview


Sunil Tulsiani is a multimillionaire investor, internationally renowned speaker, and celebrity real-estate wealth coach who loves to teach his club’s members how they too can succeed as real estate investors. Tulsiani turned to real estate investing, and in his first year of doing business, he ended up buying and selling 77 properties. Tulsiani is a former police officer who is now a prosperous real estate businessman. He is notable for his ability to construct a prestigious club with the motive of helping people make money in real estate. His accomplishments as a best-selling author and in-demand speaker prove even more of his knowledge and power in the field.


The transition of Sunil Tulsiani from law enforcement to corporate leadership is really remarkable. His entrepreneurial spirit and skill are demonstrated by his foundation of the Private Investment Club (PIC) and turning it into one of the top real estate clubs in North America.

The Problem


Sunil Tulsiani faced a significant challenge in India during his Growth Summit event in 2023 to establish brand credibility in India. Despite his success in Canada, poses hurdles due to a lack of recognition and trust. His accomplishments in Canada are not well known in India, which causes doubts and makes it harder for him to get noticed and sell his mentorship courses that were worth 1CR/INR.


Sunil aimed to sell high-priced tickets for Growth Summit 2023 valued at approximately 6 lakhs/INR. The primary issue was that, in order to attract interest and involvement from attendees in the Indian market, it was necessary to increase event awareness, augment credibility and efficiently promote the event.

Behind The Scene

The Strategy


We developed an integrated plan to strengthen Sunil Tulsiani’s image in the Indian market and generate trust. This included creating content specifically for the Indian market, collaborating strategically with Indian media to increase awareness, and using success stories to highlight Tulsiani’s capabilities. The goal of these initiatives was to build relationships and credibility in order to progressively build confidence among possible partners and investors in the Indian market.

The Result


Following the collaboration with Level Up PR, Tulsiani got featured on various platforms such as the “Finance with Sharan” podcast, Josh Talks, Entrepreneur India, Business Standard, Mid Day, Tech Bullion, and The India Saga, and this significantly amplified Sunil Tulsiani’s reach to millions in India. 


Through these varied platforms, he shared his investment path, ideas, and knowledge with a wide audience. These placements not only increased his visibility but also established his credibility by showing his accomplishments and expertise, which helped to generate the curiosity and confidence of the Indian audience. 5000+ people attended the event Growth Summit and 200+ people bought diamond tickets worth 6L. He also sold his mentorship courses to dozens


Overall, Tulsiani’s presence and influence in the Indian market grew.