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Project Overview 


French entrepreneur Thomas Rebaud founded Meero to connect clients with photographers and assist brands in generating, optimizing, and maximizing the value of visual assets on a global scale. Meero stands as the global authority in image quality, offering top-notch end-to-end visual content solutions for online sellers. It collaborates with entities across various industries such as Real Estate, Automotive, and Fashion, spanning the globe. Meero is present in 100 countries, boasting a user base of 100,000 photographers. Achieving unicorn status within a mere three years of its launch, Meero has rapidly become a prominent player in the industry.

The Problem


Thomas Rebaud encountered challenges in effectively spreading awareness about Meero. Despite his efforts, he struggled to reach his target audience and generate the desired level of visibility. The obstacles may have included difficulties in crafting a compelling marketing strategy or encountering obstacles in establishing a strong online presence and no significant increase in shareholder value.

The Strategy


Our objective revolved around the strategy to establish and execute a comprehensive media coverage plan for Meero. The strategy aimed at maximizing the visibility of Meero by securing placements in highly influential publications.

The Result


We assisted Thomas in cultivating a genuine and naturally expanding online persona for Meero which helped in establishing unparalleled credibility within his industry, resulting in significant growth for his business and valuable collaborations as well as an increase in shareholder value. The achievements of Meero have been featured in notable publications like USA Today and many more.