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Project Overview 

Tomas Chlup is a fitness influencer with 1M+ followers on Instagram. He is a Czech- influencer and CrossFit athlete. He is one of the best fitness trainers and chefs with a view of how health and fitness merge to bring together a unique mix of flexible stress-free life. He serves as one of the youngest talents, who has successfully transformed not only his client’s bodies but their mindsets as well for the better.

The Problem

Tomas faced challenges in expanding his Instagram presence and achieving substantial engagement. His goal was to secure significant brand deals and command premium pricing as an influencer. He struggled with consistently low engagement. Tomas faced frequent rejections in business collaborations and received modest payments ranging from $50 to $100 for posts which attributed to an unverified profile with low engagement. He was looking for strategies and action plans to increase it.

The Strategy

Achieving social media verification provides a distinct sense of achievement, enabling you to display unmatched authenticity for your personal brand. This is the exact transformation that Level Up PR orchestrated for Tomas. We devised several strategies to secure his verification on Instagram, addressing the challenges he faced. The team of experts at Level Up PR instilled confidence in him, providing guidance throughout the entire process.

The Result

After partnering with Level Up PR, the results surprised Tomas as his verification was done quickly. He gained massive reach and followers just right after that. Today, he has a following of more than 1.5 million on Instagram and all his posts receive a minimum of 200+ comments. He was featured in V Magazine, Haute Living, J Post, Mid Day, and more. This also helped him land brand retainers worth $1500/month for just a couple of posts and stories, thereby increasing his income by 5x.