Level Up PR’s Diwali Party Boosted Team Morale

Sahil Sachdeva, the founder of Level Up PR, held a lively gathering to commemorate the festival of lights. The brand-new Mohali office played home to the Diwali celebration. The group unwinded by playing games like Jenga & Tambola with their coworkers. Sahil also hosted a dinner for the team.

Diwali is a festival commemorating the victory of knowledge over ignorance that unites people and deepens their links of love and companionship. Sahil’s gathering was in the real Diwali spirit because everyone got to spend time together and create enduring ties. Only when everyone cooperates in harmony can an organization advance. The festival of lights is related to the dismantling of barriers and the day of moral beginnings. The occasion signaled the start of brand-new accomplishments for the entire Level Up PR team.

A virtual meetup was also planned for all the team members who currently reside in various places the next day. The members became accustomed to one another and got to know the people behind the names. They appreciated the energetic program and played charades. Sahil’s creative team-building activity has given the staff a strong start.

About Level Up PR

Sahil Sachdeva founded Level Up PR with a vision to help individuals and organizations stand out in the competitive digital marketplace through distinctive and inventive PR strategies. They offer clients individualized tactics to position their business as the industry leader.

At Level Up PR, learning and progress are valued. Sahil, the company’s founder, exudes an affable demeanor that motivates his staff to work harder. People are given the flexibility and urged to venture outside of their comfort zones in search of fresh chances in both their personal and professional lives. A leader defines the work culture of his organization through his values. Honesty, confidence, truth and compassion serve as guiding principles at Level Up PR

The features services provided include PR, consultation, and ORM. These services guarantee significant press coverage for all clients. The team at Level Up PR strives to design media campaigns that deliver desired results. They intend to advance both in terms of their knowledge and expertise. 

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